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The Last Acceptable Form of Bullying

I never post on here anymore. I know. Today, though, something is really grinding my gears. It's actually been bothering me for awhile.

Why is it still acceptable to harass, bully, and tease people about the size and shape of their body? It's always viewed as something that person can control, and to a certain extent, I would agree. Your health is in your own hands, and mine in my own. But I've been both a person bullied for being "skin and bones" and for being "fat." Now that I'm older its more subtle.... Like "oh you should work out more, maybe you shouldn't eat those fries, you've put on weight" like I haven't noticed. When I was 90 pounds consistently when I was younger, I'd get teased for that too, even got accused of anorexia by my school, though at that time I ate the way people assume I do now.

Anyway, it's shitty. You know nothing of a person's genetics, health conditions, emotional state, or a thousand other reasons that one person is fat and another skinny. Also, look around and look at yourself. Can any of us say we are perfect?

Memes like these piss me off.

That is all.

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Nov. 1st, 2011

I am way too emotional sometimes most of the time.
That is all. Happy November everyone.


Thanks to my generation's apathy when it comes to politics and voting:
The vote my female ancestors fought to get didn't matter because the people who had the most chance of voting for change just didn't bother. The wars both my grandfathers fought in to end all war don't matter because our government will buddy up with their best bullies the united states and kill millions more than hitler in the name of money and power but under the false guise of protecting us from made up bad guys.
Canadians, I hope you've enjoyed freedom of speech, privacy, the CBC, health care or rights. Because these are things that will be taken one by one.

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Apr. 20th, 2011

I've had a headache and tired/crankiness for probably this whole month now.
At least it feels like it.
I miss things. And people.
This sounds a lot more emo than I intend.

Wooo productive... :)

So far today...

- 2 loads of laundry
- researched academic upgrading and spoke to advisors
- drank some tea and coffee :)
- spoke to VFS advisors about my future plans, attempted to call the alberta government about increasing my student loans (figure making an appointment with RBC will be easier in the end), emailed my character referency type people
- painted an ugly yellow casino themed pocket dayplanner I got free from the casino in richmond so it is now a nice plain black dayplanner that I don't mind to carry around
- sorted through mounds of blankets and pillows and things

This is all pretty productive, for me, anyway. Now I feel okay playing a little xbox before dinner. I need to still talk to my boss to see if he will give me Wednesday nights off so I can take my English and writing class... which, knowing the company I work for, is going to be like asking him if I can borrow his last kidney... but we shall see :)

2 more days till payday.... when I can finally afford to squeeze swimming back into my daily routine and maybe an ITG date w. Lain? ;)

Last Day Off Adventures...... :)

A fun picture post to celebrate my last day off before rejoining the working world!
1st.... my new apartment... it's the building on the right... 27th floor! :) Thanks to nifties and Dylan for their help getting it!!

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Just moved to beautiful New Westminster (Vancouver) BC!!

I have a lot of unpacking to do and a bit of a cold. And currently unemployed... until tomorrow.... maybe?? Cross your fingers.

Tattoo is healing nicely and I can't wait till I can go swimming again. The rest of my skin is freaking out and being totally annoying though, so I look kinda like a hormonal teen at the moment!

You can see just how cloudy and gloomy it is in Vanland....

I don't think I can handle the lack of sun.... my vitamin D levels are really gonna suffer :P

Excited for dinner at nifties's haus next weekend. I managed to find some delicious noms to bring with me despite being poor!

That's all.... quick little update :):)


Oct. 6th, 2010

I'm feeling this weird duality...

I want a stretch of about a week of solitude.... to listen to music, paint, and munch on veggies..... I miss alone time...

But also I want to be surrounded by friends, having a good time.


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